Privacy policy


RTCLab sp. z o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the "Service Provider"), the ArchieBot service provider (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") and the owner and administrator of the website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") act with the utmost respect for its users and ensures the protection of their rights, with particular reference to any data or information recorded or read on the terminal equipment.


We download basic data about the Users of our Service and the Website in order to better understand our priorities and to adjust the data and functionality of the Service and the Website to changing expectations. Users should also take into account that the necessary data from the terminal device and personal data are collected and processed after they have been read from the source. In connection with the above, we have developed this Privacy Policy to specify and specify the rules and mechanisms for downloading and processing data.


The service provider collects personal data and other various data. Depending on the type of data, they are downloaded at the user's request or automatically.


Dear User, by using this web site in any way you accept the rules contained in this Privacy Policy.


Data collected during registration.


If you want to use some of the functions of our Application or on our Website, you must register for this purpose (sign up). During registration, we will ask for your personal data as well as additional data that may not be personal data but are also covered by this Policy. The transfer of personal data and consent to their processing is not compulsory (it is voluntary), however, it is necessary to provide the Service Provider with certain information within the Service and / or the Website.


Personal data will be processed by the Service Provider acting as an administrator of personal data for the purpose and in the manner specified in the statement agreeing to the processing of personal data or in information contained in the relevant regulations. You have the right to access your personal data, correct them, as well as other activities specified in the regulations. In the cases referred to above, contact the Service Provider in writing to the address of the Service Provider, which is also indicated in the above-mentioned regulations.


How long will your data be stored?


Your data will be kept indefinitely, but not longer than until you request us to cease processing or until the purpose for which the data was processed will be met.


Data downloaded automatically


During your use of the Service or your visit to the Website, data relating to your use or your visit are automatically downloaded, i.e. your IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system type, and other anonymous operational data - these data do not allow us to verify your identity in an obvious way. The data indicated above is collected by the Service Provider and, at the request of the Service Provider, by entities analyzing this data, as indicated herein, in order to improve the quality, content of the offer and the Service and Website you use.





Data collected during contact with us


When contacting us in order to perform a given activity (ex. making a complaint) through the Service or Website, telephone or email, we will again require you to provide us with your personal data in order to confirm your identity and the possibility of return contact. The above applies to the same personal data that you, the User, previously provided to us. Again, the transfer of this personal data is not mandatory, however, it is necessary in order to perform certain activities or obtain the information you require.


Use of data


The personal data provided by you, on the processing of which you have agreed, will be processed only to the extent and for the purpose permitted by the granted consent or for the purpose permitted by applicable law.

The data collected automatically can be used to analyze the behavior of users when using the Service and / or the Website, as well as to collect demographic data about our users.

Data collected during the correspondence between you and the Service Provider will be used only to enable the correct, complete and effective response to your question.

In the event of a breach of the Regulations constituting an infringement of the law, as well as in the absence of such violation, but based on other law, the Service Provider may, in cases required by law, disclose to your judicial authorities your data, including personal data.


Protection of your data


The Service Provider will protect your personal data in accordance with applicable law. We strive to ensure the protection, confidentiality and integrity of personal information collected via the website. In particular, we take steps to limit access to personal data collected via the Website and the Website to the extent necessary to provide services. In addition, we employ personnel specially trained in the issues of personal data protection, which carries out periodic security tests of our data collection systems.


How will we contact you?


If during the use of the Service or from the Website you select the option "Email notification" or similar, you will receive an e-mail from us.

If during the use of the Website you select the option "Text Message Notification" or similar, you will receive a text message from us (SMS).


If during the completion of the form you send us a message, we can contact you by phone, email or fax to answer your questions.




Some functionalities of our Service and Website allow you to send us e-mails. Information sent in this way will only be used to respond to your message. However, please note that e-mail is not always a safe way to exchange information. For this reason, we suggest not to include sensitive data in the e-mail.




The Service Provider may use various on-line surveys to obtain opinions and information from random users of the Service and / or the Website. The survey is always voluntary.

Surveys are anonymous. The service provider only downloads the automatic IP data of the computer from which the survey is sent, however, it does not assign results to the given IP number.


User monitoring technology


The service provider also uses user monitoring technology to the extent permitted by applicable law. The purpose of monitoring is to offer the user of the Service and the Website content that satisfies his interests and requirements, as well as for statistical purposes.


Data collected during the monitoring of the user are not usually his personal data and are stored in the form of cookies unless you do not accept cookies. Many web browsers, depending on the manufacturer, offer the option to disable user monitoring by sending a "do not follow" request.


We will always ask you for permission to monitor your exact or specific location.


Special protection of personal data belonging to children


The priority of the Service Provider is the protection of personal data belonging to children. In any case, the collection of personal data of a person under the age of 13 requires the consent of a parent or other legal guardian. In any case, further disclosure of personal data to a person under the age of 13, it is necessary to obtain the consent of the child's parent or other legal guardian. Parents and legal guardians of the child have access to data concerning a child under 13 years of age and are entitled to make decisions regarding the further processing of this data in the same way as in relation to their own personal data.




This Privacy Policy does not apply to websites of entities whose contact details or links are displayed on our Website or while using the Service. Please note that the Service Provider allows the transfer of data between this Service and the Website and the website, an ArchieBot service partner.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Service Provider's offer may be extended over time. The technologies, standards and requirements related to running a business on the Internet will also change. This means that in the future, the Owner of the Website may, and sometimes will have to, make changes to the Privacy Policy. After each change, the new version of the Privacy Policy will appear on the Website along with the full message and will come into force in a new form on the date of notification of its change by posting it on the Website. All changes will be duly highlighted during the first 30 days from the date on which the change was made.

If you have any further questions regarding privacy protection, please contact us via the contact form on the internet.